We are currently concentrating our commitment on 4 projects, whereby the focus is on two core topics:

Education and basic health care

Breaking the vicious circle of poverty and opening paths to a new world and shaping the future through education.
We give orphans a chance.
A thirst for knowledge and curiosity are natural characteristics of Nepalis. Unfortunately, these cannot be constantly satisfied and encouraged, as there is sometimes a lack of the simplest school materials; school bags, notebooks and pens, money for school uniforms, blackboards and chalk, optimal teaching materials, functional and modern computers, as well as the budget for foreign language lessons are rarely available in sufficient quantities. With joint commitment, we counteract this and want to create a dignified and cheerful school and learning environment for the children in the long term, together with Chhahari Nepal.

Honesty is the bridge between people. We guarantee to only support projects that really benefit the children and to use our help in a targeted manner.
  • In cooperation with the Chhahari Organisation Nepal, we support the school education of Nepalese orphans and children whose parents cannot guarantee this for their offspring.
    Since 2014, we have been supporting between 8 and 20 children whom we would like to offer the opportunity to develop holistically alongside school. We support language and music lessons, sports, and participation in computer and dance courses.

  • Since 2014, we have been supporting between 8 and 20 children whom we would like to offer the opportunity to develop holistically alongside school. We support language and music lessons, sports, and participation in computer and dance courses.

  • The paediatric surgeon Dr Krishna Shresta Manoj is one of only 18 paediatric surgeons in Nepal. He works full-time at the Kathmandu Modal Hospital and sees patients at the Siddhi Memorial Hospital. Due to his close contact to the patients, he is able to support families without sufficient financial means from our association. In order to expand this cooperation in the coming years and above all to make it more consistent, we have set up a Medical Fund. This fund enables Dr Manoj to dispose of a certain amount of money every month.

  • This enables him to better plan important and necessary operations and to react quickly in an emergency.
    Since 2014, we have co-financed more than ten operations. Half of the costs were borne by us and the other half was covered by the hospital.

    At the end of 2020, we contributed more than 2000€ to the cost of a very complicated operation (read more on our NEWS page).

    einer sehr komplizierten Operation
    (mehr dazu auf unserer NEWS Seite).

  • Since the beginning of this year, we have been paying €200 per month into the medical fund. This continuity allows Dr Manoj to use the funds very flexibly and quickly for urgently needed medicines and medical equipment.

  • In addition to the two core issues, we have been supporting little Bipin Tamang since October 2017. He lives with his elderly foster parents. Sunmaya and her husband take loving care of him, but do not have the financial means to pay for his school fees. therefore, we decided to support Bipin in his education, as well as with medical costs. We helped rebuild the house destroyed by the monsoon in 2018 and 2019.

  • At the beginning of this year, thanks to the association and other private donations, the urgently needed staircase railing was installed in a very short time and his room was equipped in a child-friendly way.
    In the meantime, Bipin, as inquisitive and diligent as he is, is already attending grade 3.

  • GYALMU, a young fun-loving and loving young girl of 10 years has been cared for and looked after by Ngima, our friend and responsible person of Chhahari Organization Nepal, in his family for a few years.
    Gyalmu is half-orphaned, visually and learning disabled, therefore she needs permanent care and special schooling. This is becoming increasingly difficult for Ngima and his wife Hiunmaya, especially in Corona times, but as part of the family they look after Gyalmu as if she were their own child.

  • In order to ensure Gyalmu safe and long-term care and education, and also because it was Gyalmu's wish to become a Buddhist nun, Ngima tried to secure her a place in a monastery. His effort was successful and Gyalmu received the ceremony.
    Unfortunately, the attempt to integrate her into a monastery as a nun failed after only 3 days. The individual reasons for this are not known to Ngima or us.
    Sad and deeply grieved, but well cared for, Gyalmu now lives again with Ngima and his family.

  • The special challenges caused by Gyalmu's disabilities are weighing heavily on Ngima and his family right now. Nevertheless, they are doing everything they can to provide Gyalmu with special schooling and care.
    We have therefore decided to take over the sponsorship of Gyalmu. We will provide 750 € per year for basic care and schooling. This is initially for 1 year with the option of extending beyond that.

  • In order to make this support of Gyalmu possible and to secure it in the long term, we depend on your donations. Through your donations it is possible to secure our projects and the support of the kids in the long term and sustainably.
    If you want to help, you can support us by making a donation.

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