The more than 35 different ethnic groups in Nepal make the country a unique experience in terms of religious diversity, musical influences, cultural experiences, as well as different languages and incomparable food.
Nepal is: breathtaking mountain panoramas, friendly people, unique UNESCO World Heritage Sites, diverse flora and fauna. That and much much more is Nepal.

Everyone who has visited Nepal knows about the great friendliness, cosmopolitanism and hospitality of the local people. The warm, peaceful atmosphere touches every visitor deeply when he experiences that the Nepalese want to share a lot, even if they have little. You develop a lot of humility and gratitude for everything that is taken for granted in the western world.
Nepal was hit by a major earthquake in 2015 and the Kathmandu region hit by heavy monsoon rains in 2018; this destruction is still having an impact and is still influencing people's lives today.
Not to forget the effects that Covid-19 and the measures prescribed severely limit and burden the country and its population.

The desire to give something back grew. Since 2014 we have been doing this as a community.

Our main goal is to provide orphans and children from very poor backgrounds with schooling, vocational training and meaningful leisure activities.
Right from the start, the focus has been on two core issues:

Education and basic health care

Regulated school education and the promotion of personal interests serve to strengthen self-confidence and to shape a self-determined life. Of equal importance is health in order to be able to lead such a life.


A small association of emphatic people who have a heart for Nepal and its people, especially for the children with their smiles and playful openness. From Berlin, but as a nationwide acting team, we create together possibilities to promote the curiosity and cheerfulness of the kids.

Since 2018, we have existed as a registered charitable association in order to support the children from Germany in an even more targeted manner.



Honesty is the bridge between people. We guarantee to only support projects that really benefit the children and to use our help in a targeted way.



Transparency creates trust. This is what our voluntary work in cooperation with the people of Nepal and our sponsors builds on. Donations are used for specific projects and can be tracked.



Respect - As a small association, we are close to the people, can react quickly, know the personal stories and respect the culture and way of life of Nepalis.


We are concentrating our commitment on 3 projects, whereby the focus is on two core topics:

Education and basic health care

Breaking the vicious circle of poverty and opening up paths to a new world, shaping the future through education. We give orphans a chance.
Curiosity and inquisitiveness are natural characteristics of Nepalis. Unfortunately, these cannot be constantly satisfied and promoted, as there is a lack of basic school materials; school bags, notebooks and pens, money for school uniforms, blackboards and chalk, optimal teaching materials, functioning and modern computers, as well as the budget for foreign language instruction are rarely available in sufficient quantities. With common commitment we work against this and would like to create a dignified and cheerful school and learning environment for the children, together with Chhahari Nepal.


More about our cooperation with the Chhahari Organization Nepal

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Medical fund

More about our medical fund

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Sponsorship of Bipin

More about the sponsorship of Bipin

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Donation and Charity Shopping

We welcome any kind of input. Be it good ideas, advice, or a good deed.
We bring help where it is needed most urgently.
That way you can support us:
One-time donation - fast and uncomplicated
Our projects are close to your heart & you want to support us over a longer period of time?
Become a permanent donor. This will help us to plan a financial framework for short-term projects and to let our association work actively. The amount is freely selectable. Small amounts make a big difference.
Of course you can stop at any time and without giving reasons. You want to do more? Become a member of Project Nepal e.V. and with 10 Euro per month you can finance administration costs, for example. You can actively participate in the association, have the right to vote at general meetings and bring in your ideas and opinions.

Regular feedback from the Chhahari staff and teachers of the school by means of certificates, pictures and videos, as well as detailed evidence of the use of the donations, ensure project-related use of the funds. With additional private trips to Kathmandu, we guarantee that all funds will reach the children 100%!


In addition, you can support us with your online purchases via Schulengel by using Charity Shopping.
On the website, search and select your favorite store and make your purchases as usual.
Works even without registering with Schulengel.

Your help is guaranteed to arrive where it is needed. That is what we stand for!
Project Nepal e.V. covers all administrative costs and is run 100% on a voluntary basis. The donors of our association do not enter into any obligation and decide themselves when and how much they want to donate!
Donation account
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You can also make your donation here by clicking the Donate button via Paypal. You will be automatically redirected to the Paypal pages.
Thanks a lot for your donation



If you need a donation receipt for your donation, please enter your full name and address in the line "Full name" in the contact form on the contact page.
We can only issue a donation receipt if you have your full address.

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In order to help orphans and needy children, it does not necessarily require many comrades-in-arms.
We have proven this for years with our small but dedicated team and our loyal donors, without whose support we would hardly be able to keep our projects alive.

You can help us to become even more! Become a member of Project Nepal e.V.

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