Ganga Baskota’s Story ( english version)

Dr. Manoj’s description of Ganga’s situation

Ganga Baskota is a 14 year-old-girl. She lives with her parents at Isibu, Phedap-5 VDC, Tehrathum District, Koshi Zone in the eastern region of Nepal. Her parents are farmers with very low income. She has three siblings (one elder sister, one elder brother and a younger sister). She was born with a rare congenital malformation called exstrophy vesicae, where the urinary bladder failed to form and everted outside the lower part of her abdomen. There is continuous leakage of urine since birth. Her dress is always wet with urine and the place where she sits becomes wet with urine. Because of the urine, she is quite smelly. She was denied of school. She even couldn’t go out and play with her friends as they didn’t want to play with her. As an adolescent, she is a very lonely girl with a dream to have treatment for her unfortunate congenital malformation. The parents took her to nearby hospitals but they told them that they couldn’t do anything for her and suggested to take her to Kathmandu for treatment. Because of poverty, that could not happen.

With the help of her brother-in-law, she came to Kathmandu and visited the Maternity Hospital. The doctors from the hospital referred her to me. When I saw her, I was so sorry for her that she had to live the horrible life. I told them that with surgery, we can make her continent to have good quality of life. However, she has to pass urine every 4-5 hours with a tube by herself and follow up with urine and blood tests once or twice a year.

The total cost of treatment including surgery and hospital stay would be approximately NRs. 1,50,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand) which is a huge amount of money for them. They by no means can afford for the treatment.

Last note from Dr. Manoj:

Regarding Ganga Baskota, we operated her two weeks back. We had two operations taking almost 10 hours. We corrected her abnormal pelvis (pubic diastasis) by pelvic osteotomy with the help of our orthopedic colleague and I reconstructed her urinary bladder. Unfortunately the abnormal location and long course of her ureters were kinked postoperatively. I reoperated and corrected it. Now she is doing fine and recovering in our postoperative ward. We will keep her here for about another 2 weeks for wound to heal, bones to join and rehabilitate with walking and self catheterization. I have photos of operation, documents and I will share with you.

This has been my longest surgery. Every body in the hospital are very supportive and encouraging. I am working hard to make her continent and thinking to educate her too.

Thank you for your kind support without which I could not make it happen.

With my warm regards,

Dr Manoj

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